Would You “Work” For Free?

This message needs to be spread far and wide. Great job Loriann, for the review and a big BRAVO to David Dennis!

Scribbles and Sensibility

disregarded 1024I just read a book by David Dennis called Disregarded: The True Story of the Failure of the UK’s Work Programme. It struck several chords with me and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Mr. Dennis describes his time spent in a government initiative called the Work Programme. To read the government propaganda about the program, it’s helping many people, mainly young people just out of school, to get job skills which will move them into meaningful employment. Many such success stories are documented in their literature. What Mr. Dennis describes is, according to his account, a much different picture. To be honest, I tend to believe him.

I used to think the UK wasn’t much different than my own country of America. I thought we basically shared the same culture. Having lived here for several months and had the benefit of witnessing it first-hand, I’ve come to realize…

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