Lori is amazing… It’s why I love her. ❤

Scribbles and Sensibility

loriheadshotA year ago today my life changed forever. I had been suffering massive headaches for months, which evolved into other symptoms such as vision and balance problems, loss of the use of my right hand, and finally, vomiting that felt like my head was being split open by an axe. My doctor sent me for an MRI and a few hours later, I arrived home to two urgent voicemails and an email, also marked urgent, requesting me to phone her immediately. I already knew what was wrong…the symptoms were undeniable.

I was admitted to UCSF the next morning for emergency brain surgery. I must say, the entire staff at UCSF was absolutely amazing, especially my primary surgeon, Dr. Edward Chang. (Thank you, Dr. Chang, for giving my life back to me!) Fortunately, my tumor was completely operable and benign. I am grateful every day that it wasn’t malignant but my…

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