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Alessandro Micelli, Shawna Mills, Andre Araujo, George Vega, and Andrew Tunney

introducing vol 4

What happens when five people are brought together? How does that creativity pan out? Volume 4 of Introducing… from Vegamation Press answers one huge question. What happens when five artists from around the world come together for one project? Novel Ideas editor Nick Wale says “WOW”… So will you…



burning bushAn army of slaves escaped Egypt! The beginning of the Hebrew nation — the “Children of Israel” whose presence there still has ramifications for us now through the book of Exodus — still have a lot to teach us. Living life in a hostile world was something that even though Moses led, he had to learn, too. Likewise us. For those whose knowledge of Exodus is limited to Charlton Heston playing the man in “The Ten Commandments,” this study will surprise you. Oh, the great events are here — Moses being found as a baby on the Nile, Moses facing the LORD at Mount Sinai (several times), the plagues on Egypt — but small events are also great …


KEY OF WANDS — Michael Walsh


Peter and Nora both grew up in different countries. Neither one of them was aware of the other until they received a telegram which asked them both to go to Kembor, the home country of the Gillbrath. Both of them had spent their lives trying to disprove the existence of the Gillbrath. They both believed that it was a convenient Myth for the Leadership Council of Kembor. When they go to Kembor they learned differently. So much so that their lives changed completely after they responded to that telegram.

About the Author: Michael Walsh was born and raised in Westfield, Massachusetts. Both he and his wife have lived it multiple locations throughout the country. This is his eighth book. The first three were non-fictions titled; Kaeleb’s Dad, Just Some Old Man, and Eddie’s Method. Recently he wrote his fourth fantasy books titled Whetstone Chronicle Largo of the Whetstone Chronicle, James of Elan, Gillbrath, and now the Key of Wands. This book is another Sci-fi fantasy as the sequel to Gillbrath. Currently the author and his wife reside in the smallest city in Vermont due to a promise he made her prior to their marriage thirty-two years ago.



A Distant EdenAdrians WarEdens Hammer

A Distant Eden— It’s December 2012.  A massive solar storm knocks out the power grid. Three hundred million Americans are suddenly faced with a survival situation. They have no water, electricity or fuel. Food rapidly disappears from the store shelves, not to be replaced. Only three percent will survive. Those three percent will have much in common. What does it take to be one of them?

Adrian’s War — Three years after a solar storm wiped out the power grid Adrian Hunter embarks on a journey to the mountains, determined to live and survive by utilizing his knowledge of stone age techniques. He encounters a band of raiders who attempt to take him prisoner – and Adrian’s War begins.

Eden’s Hammer — It’s three years after the electrical grid was obliterated by a huge coronal mass ejection, and ninety-seven percent of America’s population died. Adrian’s war with the mountain cannibals is over and his uncle has called him home with chilling news. Something is going to annihilate Adrian’s home village, Fort Brazos. Roman won’t say more than that over the radio. It takes Adrian three weeks to get home and find out what the coming threat is, and what he can do about it. Eden’s Hammer begins with his arrival.

See an interview with Lloyd Tackitt right here.

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